Rita Keeley Brown

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I grew up the youngest of six children in Nebraska and came to California to go to UCLA majoring in Music, with a minor in English. My first year of college was at Northwestern University in Chicago. Arriving here in the sunshine, palm trees, one wardrobe for the year, ocean to snow in an hour or so, I decided I had shivered and shoveled my last and was never going to leave. That still is my goal. Following a career in music – performing as a soloist on the marimba – I married and raised six children of my own. This led me into careers in education and business. I feel like I have now finally found out what I want to be when I grow up -- a writer.

I like to write nonfiction. I have written a biography of a Chinese man who was sold as a young child telling of his search for his true identity. This book is titled A Pawn of Fate. Another book soon to be available is entitled Good Luck, Mrs. Brown. It is a memoir of our family life when my husband became mentally ill. It tells of our family experience in dealing with this tragedy. I have also written many short stories and poetry and am still studying all aspects of this wonderful craft of writing. Several articles and stories have appeared in our newsletter In Focus such as:

Why I Write . . .

Let me count the ‘whys’ - -

➢ I slow down and smell the roses
➢ Age, time, worries, fade out of mind
➢ Things I didn’t know I knew pour out like a bag of spilled marbles
➢ That “Look, Ma! No hands!” thrill of childhood returns
➢ I discover someone I didn’t know I could be
➢ I find out what I really think
➢ I explore new fields sowing new seeds
➢ A reader’s “I liked that!” thrills and invigorates me.

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